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National workshop - Hungary

National workshop of the Jean Monnet Network on European Media and Platform Policies (EuromediApp)

28 January 2022
Venue: Centre for Independent Journalism in Budapest


Recent research suggests that social media platforms might have contributed to the deterioration of the quality of public communication, enhancing political polarisation, political populism, smear, hate speech, fake news, deep fake, and online harrassment, and ultimately undermining democratic cohesion. How should these malicious practices be handled? Should the web2 be regulated at all, and if so, how? Is regulation, co-regulation, or self-regulation the answer? These issues, particularly relevant during election campaigns, are discussed, as part of the EuromediApp project, by Judit Bayer (Budapest Business School), Gábor Polyák (ELTE University, Budapest), Krisztina Rozgonyi (Vienna University), and Zsolt Ződi (Public Service University, Budapest). The round-table is moderated by Péter Bajomi-Lázár (Budapest Business School). The event was hosted by the Centre for Independent Journalism in Budapest on 28 January 2022.