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Global challenges to digital media policy and regulation

Javnost/The Public, Special issue, Spring 2023

Edited by Hannu Nieminen, Helena Sousa, and Claudia Padovani

Digital Technology Innovation: Mythical Claims About Regulatory Efficacy

Robin Mansell
London School of Economics

Into the Metaverse: Technical Challenges, Social Problems, Utopian Visions, and Policy Principles

Vincent Mosco
Queen’s University Canada

 Why Has the EU Been Late in Regulating Social Media Platforms?

Hannu Nieminen
University of Helsinki

Claudia Padovani
University of Padua

Helena Sousa
University of Minho

 Brazilian Fake News Bill: Strong Content Moderation Accountability but Limited Hold on Platform Market Power

Tales Tomaz
University of Salzburg

 Another Media System is Possible: Ripping Open the Overton Window, From Platforms to Public Broadcasting

Victor Pickard
University of Pennsylvania

 Curating Video-on-Demand: Silences and Interruptions by a Neo-Liberal State

Vibodh Parthasarathi
Jamia Millia Islamia

 The Return of Billiard Balls? US–China Tech War and China’s State-Directed Digital Capitalism

Jack Linchuan Qiu
Nanyang Technological University

 Checking the Power of Technology Business in Public Roles Through Strategic Litigation: Case Examples from Kenya

Grace Mutung’u
University of Nairobi

Governance of digital media and platforms: regulation and public interest

Copyright content moderation policies: complexification and concentration in platform governance

João Magalhães
University of Groningen

Why Europe has been ineffective in regulating social media platforms

Hannu Nieminen
University of Helsinki

Claudia Padovani
University of Padua

Helena Sousa
University of Minho

The Brazilian fake news bill: strong measures, but limited scopes

Tales Tomaz
University of Salzburg

Radical imaginaries: moving toward public ownership and control of media infrastructures

Victor Pickard
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

The European Media Freedom Act: a last chance to recentre fundamental rights in media and platform regulation?

Tarlach McGonagle
University of Amsterdam

Online Safety Bill [UK]

Maria Michalis
University of Westminster

EuromediApp's Manifesto: Quality of European News Ecology

A call for media and platforms to act and positively shape the news in the digital future

Elaborated by students and academic staff of the EuromediApp's Winter School "Quality of European News Ecology" in February 2022

European Governance Models of Digital Platforms

From State’s control to State’s control: the historical conceptualisation of censorship and content control

Gergely Gosztonyi
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

Global platform companies and national media systems: network power and challenges to the established order

Aske Kammer
Danish School of Media and Journalism

Should digital media platforms be regulated at all? Where is the place of Freedom of Expression in this?

Judit Bayer
University of Münster / Budapest Business University of Applied Sciences

Quality of the European News Ecology

Working paper

Helle Sjøvaag
University of Stavanger

Working paper

Susana Salgado
University of Lisbon

European Political Democracy

Value conflicts and value polarization in Europe as a challenge to democracy

Hans-Jörg Trenz
University of Copenhagen

Digital platforms and the shadow of illiberal democracy: lessons from Central and Eastern Europe

Václav Štětka
Loughborough University

Gender, party politics and democracy in Europe: Studying European Parliament’s political groups in turbulent times

Johanna Kantola
Tampere University